Short Revs, April 6, 2018

Returning from Easter break, we are headed straight into a full race weekend. IndyCar returns to Phoenix and honors the Mario Andretti, while F1 takes to Bahrain for an exciting second race of the season, and not-so-exciting questions for drivers. INDYCAR A Legendary weekend in Phoenix Not only are we all looking forward to the … Continue reading Short Revs, April 6, 2018

And we’re back–to Spa!

There's no point in titling this with "Hamilton wins yet again, this time in Spa" or something along those lines, because let's be honest, we've exhausted those titles. It's grand that Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton is as talented as he is, but a win isn't nearly as exciting or surprising anymore. It's more like "ah yes, … Continue reading And we’re back–to Spa!