Short Revs, January 12, 2018

Featured image from F1 site. Oh the colors! F1 F1 New Rules and Regulations…F1 released the new technical rules and sporting regulations for the 2018 season. And oh does it get interesting… Sporting regulations for the 2018 season include: - Only three engines are allotted for each team to use this season, down from four for the … Continue reading Short Revs, January 12, 2018

And we’re back–to Spa!

There's no point in titling this with "Hamilton wins yet again, this time in Spa" or something along those lines, because let's be honest, we've exhausted those titles. It's grand that Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton is as talented as he is, but a win isn't nearly as exciting or surprising anymore. It's more like "ah yes, … Continue reading And we’re back–to Spa!