Go big or go home: It’s time for The Greatest Spectacle in Racing

INDIANAPOLIS – The thin line of bricks that lay neatly surrounded by the long blacktop hold more history than one may be able to imagine. Names like A.J. Foyt, Jimmy Clark, Johnny Rutherford and this year’s celebrated Mario Andretti (who won this very race 50 years ago),  have each crossed this line after tackling the whims of the speedway, just to gain that prestigious spot on the Borg Warner trophy. You remember these names because they’ve been a part of one of the most noted and recognized races in the country, a race that’s continued over the course of a century.

In less than 24 hours, it will happen again for the 103rd time. One lucky individual will cross those bricks and take a swig of an ice cold glass of milk, having beat out the other 32 individuals who also put it all on the line for this day. The track will chose you and you’ll bask in that sweet moment of victory.

And some day, it will be celebrated in Indy on Legends Day, like it was today, to provide spectators, fans, drivers and regulars a look to the past, giving older cars a chance to open up a little and experience a few laps of this magical place one more time. Maybe they had won the race back in the day. Maybe they didn’t. Maybe they never saw the end of the race, but they were here. Vying to be a major part of history.

By luck and fortune GpGrl can be a tiny part of the history. My name, nor GpGrl may not have any significance 50 years from now. But we have been given a gift this weekend to sit along greats who have written more of note than we can imagine producing in our lifetime. It is a treat and a lesson, as well as an example of where perhaps a writer like myself would like to be. We’ll write to share that moment with you in details and memorable steps, passes and mistakes.

GpGrl is going big this weekend, just like the 33 fortunate drivers who will be tested by this historic beast of the track, where you may have the skills to become the next face on the Borg Warner trophy. We’ll celebrate the heroes of the 102 races before and welcome the newest face to share that special title.

Welcome to the weekend of The Greatest Spectacle of Racing. This is May.

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