On the 2nd (of 12) day of Formula E …

Introducing the Gen 2 Car (a.k.a. Batmobile)

The affectionately coined “Batmobile” by fans and drivers alike, the Gen 2 car makes its inaugural race debut tomorrow in Saudi Arabia. The car, to be used in the next three seasons is unique, but how? What’s different about these beautiful electrified racers?

Start with a new body including the much rejected Halo (which, in all honesty, looks much better on these cars). A new battery, developed by McLaren Applied Technologies and Atieva, provides extensive power compared to last season’s cars, eliminating the need for a car change at the halfway point of the race. Additional changes were made to the race format as well, meaning instead of laps completed, races will last a duration of 45 minutes. And the new cars also reach a top speed of 174 mph (not as quick as a Peregrine Falcon, but you’ll have to check out “The 3rd (of 12) days of Formula E” to find out how that ends).

Formula E released a video explaining the Batmobile and its gadgets, included below. And don’t forget to check other videos on Formula E’s YouTube channel to learn more about the cars and what to expect in Season 5.


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