On the 5th day (of 12) of Formula E …

5 returning drivers have raced every race since the inception of Formula E with 45 races total to date: Lucas di Grassi, Daniel Abt, Sam Bird, Jerome d’Ambrosio and Nelson Piquet Jr.

Daniel Abt and Lucas di Grassi have entered all 45 races with the Audi Sport Abt Schaeffler Formula E team. Of those 45 races, di Grassi has clinched one championship (2016/2017 Season 3), and combined 10 wins and 35 podiums (2 wins, 8 podiums for Abt; 8 wins, 27 podiums for di Grassi). The team also took home the manufacturers championship for Season 4.

Sam Bird has been a part of Virgin racing for the entirety of the Formula E’s running. Although in the top 5 for the season finishes all four seasons, he has yet to win a championship. He has had a prolific career to date though with 7 wins and 15 podiums.

Jerome d’Ambrosio spent the 45 races (first 4 seasons) with Dragon Racing. However, Season 5 brings about change as he’ll be driving with Pascal Wehrlein for Mahindra. In his time with Dragon Racing, the Belgian driver obtained 2 wins and 7 podiums.

Nelson Piquet Jr. won the inaugural Formula E driver’s championship in 2014/2015 with China Racing. He’s one of the only drivers having been with the series since day one, but not having a consistent team from season to season. Aside from a championship win, to date he’s held 2 wins and 5 podiums. This year Piquet Jr. joins Mitch Evans in racing for Panasonic Jaguar Racing.

Also, if you have yet to look at the Formula E site this week (or ever), they’ve launched a new site and it is fantastic. Take some time to look into the other stats of drivers and catch up on your favorite Formula E news at www.FiaFormulaE.com.


Img: Lucas di Grassi showering teammate Daniel Abt for their 1-2 podium win in Berlin, Season 4. LAT/Formula E

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