On the 10th day left waiting for the season to begin…

Continuing “The 12 Days of Formula E” series

Formula E has been all over the world with covering 10 cities since the inaugural season. From there, the series has covered 22 cities, across five continents in total (Formula E has yet to hit Australia or Antarctica…although the latter might be a tidge more difficult to accomplish …).

The 2018/2019 season will travel to:
– Ad Diriyah, Saudi Arabia (Dec. 15th, 2018)
– Marrakesh, Morrocco (Jan. 12th, 2019)
– Santiago, Chile (Jan. 26th)
– Mexico City, Mexico (Feb. 16th)
– Hong Kong, China (Mar. 10th)
– Sanya, China (Mar. 23rd)
– Rome, Italy (Apr. 13th)
– Paris, France (Apr. 27th)
– Monaco, Monaco (May 11th)
– Berlin, Germany (May 25th)
– Bern, Switzerland (June 9th)
– New York City, USA (July 13th, 14th)

Other cities raced:
– Beijing, China (S. 1, 2)
– Putrajaya, Malaysia (S. 1, 2)
– Punta del Este, Uruguay (S. 1, 2, 4)
– Buenos Aires, Argentina (S. 1-3)
– Miami, USA (S. 1)
– Long Beach, USA (S. 1, 2)
– Moscow, Russia (S. 1)
– London, United Kingdom (S. 1, 2)
– Montreal, Canada (S. 3)
– Zurich, Switzerland (S. 4)

Img: Formula E in Paris, Courtesy Formula E Media

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