Stay tuned…

Hello to my dear fans (those few of you that have subscribed to my e-mails for new posts or the friends who have checked in from time-to-time):

It’s been an incredibly busy, hectic summer, and unfortunately not due to watching, attending or breathing racing. It happens. As much as I miss the track, sometimes you have to step away from things to get other things in life situated.

Also, the track isn’t going anywhere (usually…) and there are always replays to tide you over ’til the next one.

Do not fret though, GpGrl will be coming back soon and with more quality-driven and thoughtful content.

As a young(er) adult, unfortunately there is not enough time in a week right now to write content as often as I was producing it, and as I reflect on my content, I’d rather not regurgitate stats to you, or news bits I know you could also find on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Reddit–or any other obscure social media outlet you currently live on.

So with that, I plan on future articles, but different from what you’re used to reading here. “Short Revs,” won’t be the weekly recaps of the social media sphere–but it will make a return, albeit a different format.

Really, GpGrl will not be weekly coverage of every series I’ve tried following. You will see more Formula E content, as well as some unique stories as I find them. In the last two years I’ve spent in and around the track, motorsports and automotive world, I’ve discovered so many more stories I’ve wanted to tell outside of  “this happened at the race,” and I want to explore and share them with you; following drivers to semi-pro drag racers, weekend warriors and the works.

As for when that will start–I’m hoping sometime this fall. And plan on seeing something for the upcoming Formula E season, because as much as I love the rumbles or speed of the variety of other series’ touched on this blog, I have a special affinity for this new branch of technological wonder (and frankly it doesn’t bore me like F1 has lately).

So with that, I ask you to stay tuned for a more mature I’m sorry it’ll be more quiet than a winter night on an oval track for a little bit still, but I will return.

Thanks for reading.

Lalita Chemello
Publisher, Writer, Photographer,

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