Lights are out to kick off 2018

GPGrl sq logo-Happy New Year to all of you and thank you again for following!

If you haven’t already noticed, GpGrl got a new look, logo and some social media. With going bigger, there will of course be more to follow about! So, for 2018, along with a new look, I’m starting a new thing for each week, because I know as well as you do, it’s so difficult to keep up on the continuation and sometimes over-saturated nature of updates and news going on in all of motorsports. Instead of scrolling through endless Twitter/Instagram/Facebook feeds to catch up on the latest series’ news, well, GPGrl will do a bit of it for you.

Each Friday, we’ll race into the weekend with the biggest news bits from some of the biggest series. Of course I’ll keep you up-to-date on IndyCar and Formula 1 (along with race weekend recaps), but also will be touching on Formula E and IMSA as I add some of their coverage to the year as well.

That being said, keep a look out for the first of the “This Week in Motorsports…” series, going live this Friday.

And if you find something that should be added or was missed–feel free to comment on the weekly posts, as well as tweet at @GpGrlTweets or email me at

Also, if you haven’t added/followed GPGrl yet on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, do so now!

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