Hamilton dominates at the United States Grand Prix

The United States Grand Prix podium is nearly a deja-vu–have we seen this before?– with Lewis Hamilton (P1), Nico Rosberg (P2)–the change was Daniel Ricciardo (P3) from last year’s Sebastian Vettel (who finished 4th this year). The biggest difference was the weather (remember last year’s rain…?).

However, Hamilton was the ultimate winner of the USGP in Austin, Texas. Yesterday’s win made for  Hamilton’s all-time 50th F1 win, and a total of 4 out of 5 wins of the USGP. Those who are not the biggest fans of Hamilton’s attitude (although, what great driver hasn’t had a little bite in their being?), you surely have to respect his talented driving skills.

And Rosberg and Ricciardo worked for most of the race to ensure that Hamilton truly earned that win, even if the intention was to clench a win for themselves.

Nico Hulkenberg, after a fantastic qualifying run on Saturday retired after the second lap after a collision with Valtteri Bottas rendered his car done for the day. Bottas managed to drive away with a punctured tired, replaced on the next lap in, and continued on through the race to finish 16th.

Disappointment for fans of both Ferrari and Red Bull yesterday as Max Verstappen and Kimi Raikkonen both retired mid-way through the race. Verstappen retired after a mistaken “box” communication and coincidental engine failure a few laps after his pit. One could hear the knocks in his engine through the on-camera.  Later on, Raikkonen would leave the pit with the gun still attached to the car.

And let’s not end this without talking about Ricciardo convincing Gerard Butler to do a Red Bull “shoey” during the driver’s interviews on the podium yesterday, followed by some terrible American accents. We enjoy their natural accents–they can stick to those–no one would mind.

Three more races to go in the season and right now it’s between Rosberg and Hamilton. It’s nice to see there is a challenge for the Drivers’ Championship for once, even if it is between the two Mercedes drivers. But as heated as this year has been, there’s a chance more teams will be giving Mercedes quite the challenge for 2017.

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