German GP at Hockenheim

A more quiet race brings Formula 1 into the summer break. Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) takes his sixth win of the last seven races, thanks to a fantastic start at the green flag and a consistent hold of P1 the entire race.

And Red Bull made an impressive finish again, this time grabbing  the other two podium spots, Daniel Ricciardo for P2 and Max Verstappen for P3. Had it not been for Nico Rosberg’s decision to not play nice and run Verstappen off of the track in the first half of the race (which was entirely remincent of his actions with Hamilton in Austria…), Rosberg might have had a podium finish instead of both Red Bull teammates. Alas, he was penalized with a 5-second hold in the pits before continuing, landing him fourth overall.

In other news, Jenson Button actually finished the race, after having awful luck the last few races due to various issues. He definitely proved his worth as he pulled ahead to an eighth place finish and scored points for McLaren.

Although the top six spots are consistently held by Mercedes, Red Bull and Ferrari, Force India, McLaren and Williams fought hard for the last four Championship points spots. Force India landed two of those spots–which if you haven’t been keeping an eye on their drivers, Sergio Perez and Nico Hulkenberg, you should after the break. The two drivers are definitely making some progress for the team, and may possibly make for yet another team to contend with the other three dominant teams of the season.

For now, watching Ricciardo drink champagne out of his shoe is a great way to move into the break. And as of Sunday, Mercedes is still the leader in the Manufacturer’s points, with Red Bull coming up strong in second. With nine races to go after the break, be sure to hang tight, because things are bound to get interesting.




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